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Writing to be Heard: Guide to Better Writing

Description a comprehensive course designed to enhance student success and retention as well as help you create greater success in writing and in life. In this course, you will learn many proven strategies for creating greater academic, professional, and personal success in writing. We will use guided writing lessons to explore these strategies, and as a bonus, you will learn to express yourself more effectively in writing. In addition, we will explore your skills, values and interests to guide your choices along the way. The most important part of this course, however, is learning more about empowering yourself…learning who you are as a writer, learning who you are as a human being, and learning what it takes for you to keep yourself balanced and on course to success. You may never again have an opportunity quite like this one to discover how to create a rich, personally fulfilling writing life. I urge you to make the most of this extraordinary opportunity.

Writing course introduction

With guided reading plans, focused writing structure, and ample educational talks, videos and more, this class meets learners where they are. As writers and as people living and working in a competitive world, we’re always looking for new resources to hone our skills, but we’ll never escape the cornerstones of mastering the craft. In addition to the cornerstones of writing this classes supplemental resources can enhance writers’ enjoyment, deepen their experience and provide valuable bridges of learning to eliminate years of trial-and-error.

You will find this to be a compelling writing course. You will enjoy a teaching style that is direct and detailed. Writers of all styles, genres and disciplines will find valuable pointers on creating compelling content. This class will help students reflect on how their own lives can be source material. The course embraces technology, teaching to all learning styles. You’ll find a wealth of kinesthetic, aural, visual, logical, verbal, social and solitary teaching in this course. The course deepens writer’s skills with clear examples of creating complex ideas with simple text, and starting off with dynamic openings to get readers locked in. We will help students to write with Focus, Read with Purpose, and Build Your Community of locked in readers.

Course Curriculum

How to Enjoy Writing
Unit 1 00:00:00
Effective Writing
Writing what you know
Writing often
Remembering your audience
Finding the Story
Writing Great Beginnings
Show, Don’t Tell
Building Dramatic Sentences
Putting It All Together

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